The Next Level Purchasing Association, often referred to as NLPA, is a global organization that serves as an education provider in the procurement industry. Since 2000, NLPA has offered members certifications including the Senior Professional in Supply Management (SPSM) Program and other online procurement training courses. These programs and certifications are designed to meet the ever-evolving role and increasing span of procurement, and have been earned by industry professionals of all different standings in more than ninety-five countries worldwide.

With over 281,000 members of all different positions in procurement, the NLPA brings together procurement professionals through educational resources. Along with providing informational materials, the NLPA has worked with clients in over one hundred and sixty countries around the world to impart procurement best practices and strategies to deliver results. Many Fortune 500 companies and similar organizations in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia utilize the NLPA‘s training options.

In additional the NLPA hosts an annual conference as a platform for procurement professionals to network and share industry knowledge, with educational presentations led by thought leaders in the industry along with beneficial workshops. Attendees learn improved negotiation techniques, valuable methods for implementing procurement technologies and conducting strategic sourcing initiatives from key players in the procurement industry.

NLPA offers a variety of educational resources, both on-site and online, including:
  • Procurement Courses (both full-length and express) 
  • Procurement Training for Teams
  • On-Site Procurement Seminars
  • Purchasing Books
  • NLPA Library
  • SPSM Certification
  • NLPA Conference
To learn more about Next Level Purchasing's procurement and supply management educational service offering:

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