Advertising Audit and Risk Management (AARM), is a consulting firm offering advertising audit services and financial and business risk assistance. Founded in 2001, AARM works to find cost saving solutions and improve marketing efficiency by identifying gaps in the advertising lifecycle. AARM offers software solutions through their AArmor CAI Analytics, which continuously monitors and then consolidates client’s financial transactions for reporting performed quarterly.

AARM works with Fortune 500 companies and contributes important transparency in the marketing spend category to organizations around the world. AARM emphasizes the impact a quality client/agency relationship has on the partnership by creating transparency between the two. Together, they can ensure compliance, mitigate risk, and improve controls and processes.

Delivering a clear roadmap for clients to track marketing investments allows AARM to show where cost saving initiatives are increasing ROI while also building strength and trust. Their services include comprehensive, digital marketing, and event management. AARM aims to ensure clients minimize financial business risk while they maximize their advertising agency investment. Through the use of analytical, descriptive, and graphical documents to summarize the results of these reports, AARM demonstrates actionable process improvement opportunities.

As a partner of organizations in a variety of industries, AARM has worked with clients in industries including:
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer Products
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Quality System Regulations (QSR)
  • Financial Services
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