As Delaware seeks to join the club for banning hand held devices while driving, motorists should consider not only the legal ramifications of continuing this behavior, but personal consequences. reported, "There are currently 600 million cars on the road and 4.6 billion cell phone subscriptions. Between 80-90 percent of accidents are caused by driver behavior like distracted driving."

This can only lead me to believe that the majority of the "distracted driving" is related to cell phone use. I am not only referring to talking, but what about texting? A recent study conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International reported, "One in four (27%) American adults say they have texted while driving, the same proportion as the number of driving teens (26%) who say they have texted while driving."

What is so important that you cannot wait until you have reached your destination to communicate? And if it is so urgent, why not use a safer method of driving. There is a variety of technology offered today for mobile communications and here are a few hands-free suggestions:

Earbuds, earpieces or headsets.

Bluetooth accessories that connect to your phone via a wireless connection.


There are many companies who have developed software that will inform callers that you are in the car and will also send an auto reply to incoming texts.

With the increase in cell phone production, innovation, and move towards unified communications, it is extremely likely that people will continue to conduct both personal and professional conversations on the road. It is critical that YOU focus on what you are doing behind the wheel. Keep your hands at 9 & 3, and STAY OFF THE PHONE...or at least support hands-free communications.

Please check out the below sites to understand why this is so important.

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