I remember watching an episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 (pre-separation) when they greened out their house in PA. One of the energy saving projects was to install solar panels on their roof. Aside from positioning them exactly to Kate’s liking for visual appeal I hope they did their homework on the type of solar panels purchased.

According to another BusinessWeek’s Green Business article, vendors in only one U.S. state (Florida) have agreed to follow the performance and quality standards set in 1999. Now if Jon and Kate’s house were in Florida or Europe, then the same manufacturer panels would be of better grade. According to TÜV Rheinland PTL, a testing lab, because of this, “manufacturers make two grades of panels: one for the U.S. and another for Europe”.

Let’s hope they thought (or were instructed at least) to ask for quality certifications showing their solar panels passed federal safety tests. Nonetheless, if you are thinking about going green and saving money by installing solar panels for your home or business, be sure to ask the right questions and do your homework!
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