Steven Belli, CEO of Source One, attempted to answer some general Strategic Sourcing questions for suppliers in a feature interview with the ThomasNet Industrial Marketer publication this month.

"Steve, what is strategic sourcing?

Strategic sourcing is a process in which the skills of the supply industry are harnessed in order to optimize a buyer's sustainable competitive advantage for their business, as well as their final consumer. The main focus is on the development of a secure and responsive supply base with the capabilities of meeting current and future business needs. Companies ("buyers") may engage in strategic sourcing………………..

Many of our readers are suppliers marketing to industrial buyers. Based on your experience, what are buyers really looking for when they are sourcing?

High quality, sufficient quantity, reasonable costs, easy-to-use technol…."

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Source One is a leading procurement service provider that has been providing strategic sourcing services since 1992. In addition to custom consulting services, Source One offers a self-service model for companies looking to do it on their own at as well as free sourcing tools at and ThomasNet's Puchasing Tools.
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