Did you know that the authors behind the Strategic Sourceror are actual consultants and practitioners and practice what they write about on a daily basis?   In fact, this site was founded by and continues to be operated by Source One Management Services, which is one of the oldest consulting firms that specializes solely on strategic sourcing and procurement operations.  And, we’re ready to be hired (we gotta pay for the bills for this blog!)

Since 1992, Source one has been a leading provider of strategic sourcing and procurement support services.   We’ve helped companies of all sizes, in all industries achieve operational improvement, reduce costs, and improve supplier relationships while increasing internal stakeholder buy-in.  We offer a team of subject matter experts and procurement advisors that have real-world experience; not just a bunch of book-educated newly minted MBAs.

Source One’s Procurement Transformation Advisory services include:

  • Procurement Assessments – people, process, controls, metrics and technology
  • HR and Staffing Services – including designing organizational charts, roles and responsibilities, conducting interviews and candidate discovery and employee placement
  • Transformation Roadmaps – developing a plan that can actually be executed on, in a cost-effective manner
  • Training – to ensure your team of professionals can sustain results
  • Implementation – we don’t just leave behind a report, we can help you achieve everything we outline.

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